The specific objectives of the second CARDICIS meeting are:

  • To fortify products and impacts of the first meeting.
  • To seat together, civil society and international organisations, the bases for the action
  • To give the project continuity
  • To open the CARDICIS community more to the diáspora and to the noninsular Caribbean.

The specific direction is to contribute to a better regional coordination of ongoing activities, in terms of multisectorial approach and cultural diversity, building on what exists already and searching for synergies.

Added to this it is proposed to contribute to the strengthening of the existing platform of multisectorial articulation, CIVIC, by diversifying the Community, welcoming new actors, and creating a clear definition of his interfaces and connections in the regional and global context with other existing or intended projects [5].


[5] Like for example CARISNET, CARDICIS, MISTICA (http://funredes.org/mistica), SOMOS @ TELECENTROS (http://www.tele-centros.org/), E.LAC (http://www.eclac.cl/socinfo/), and the projects carried out with European support …