Working document

Organization of a second CARDICIS meeting

The same institutional group from CARICOM, AEC and CARIFORO will be invited again to join us for this meeting. The half of the civil society first meeting attendees will be invited and a group of people of the Diaspora will complete the total.

The meeting will be held in French Guiana if complementary funds are found. If not, the meeting will be held in Dominican Republic, a place which has the advantage of reducing operational cost for several reasons:
  • presence of the operator, Funredes, which reduces not only traveling expenses but a certain proportion of many other budget items
  • very tourist country and well connected through air transportation.
The budget is drawn up on the prices of Dominican Republic; the cost for a meeting in French Guiana is estimated at 40,000 euros. There are good possibilities of finding this financing support and a one week mission of the coordinator is planned for this research before July.

Budget detailed estimations:
  • 30 people invited all expenses paid for four nights (including 5 locals)
  • 4 people for support and 6 interpreters with accommodation and meals for four nights, transport covered
  • 10 organization officials covering their own expenses, except transport, social events and coffee-breaks.
The meeting will be held during the first week of December.