The "Caribbean Studies Association", a well known think tank, which brings together scholars interested in the Caribbean specially, holds its 30th Conference in Santo Domingo, from May 30 to June 4. The topic is the " Caribbean Cooperation in the Age of Information Society". This is a favorable framework to make known CARDICIS experience and to initiate contacts towards the Caribbean Diaspora and the universitary world.

Seeing the activity program (, which is in English and the Web site in English and Spanish, it appears that the own resources of this group do not make possible to ensure a more complete multilingualism. It is also clear that only few contributions are really focused on the information society, from the more than 50 sessions, which are rather closer to academic research on sociological subjects than the research-action regarding development.

This do not result in giving up the project of proposing a specialist group on the topic of CARDICIS. On the contrary, it is a motivation to help this group to have a better integration into francophony and bear in mind that it is particularly important that the ICT for development specialists learn how to communicate outside their closed circles and contribute to expose their visions in an academic ambience of very diverse geography.

In any case, the proposal of CARDICIS panel was accepted with the following composition:


Cultural diversity and Caribbean information society: Investing on CARDICIS experience.


The panel intends to capitalize the topic of cultural diversity and the Caribbean information society starting from the experience of an original meeting held in St Lucia from August 29 to September 2, 2004, documented in From this point of view the panel brings together attendees of this past meeting coming from different Caribbean countries and selected with a careful balance between language, gender and topics.


Roberto Mori, University of Puerto Rico

Raymond NoŽl, Faculty of Science of the University of State of Haiti

Daniel Pimienta, FUNREDES (Networks & Development Foundation), Dominican Republic, Moderator

Reina Raveles, (Education and Network Communication), Suriname

Deirdre Williams, Deirdre Williams, SALCC, (Sir Arthur Lewis Community College), St Lucie


Roberto Mori <>
Cultural diversity and Information Society: Social Inclusion
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One of the most important issues regarding the Information Society is, besides cultural diversity, that of social inclusion. It is all about (1) whether the Information Society reaches or not all the important sectors of Caribbean societies and also about (2) whether the technology which comes with the Information Society is able or not to provide opportunities for less developed sectors of these societies to use this technology for their own development and betterment.

Raymond NoŽl <>
Digital contents production and Caribbean integration
In the Caribbean space, the diversity of the languages appears to be both, an element of richness and at the same time a constraint. The development of this geographical space, its economic and cultural integration goes through overcome this barrier. Within the possible orientations, a Network Project for the production of linguistic tools and Caribbean cultural contents in digital form, deserves to be explored. The presentation will stress this last aspect based on IRENUCA project of the Faculty of Science at the University of State of Haiti.

Daniel Pimienta <>
Presentation of CARDICIS workshop and its conclusions
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Reina Raveles <>
Using multimedia and the internet as tools for improvement of foreign language education in Suriname.
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English and Spanish, two important languages spoken in the Caribbean are being taught as foreign languages in the formal educational system of Suriname. Unfortunately French has not been taught here as a foreign language for more than 30 years. During CARDICIS it was shown that about 70% of the Caribbean speaks English or Spanish. An important goal EDUCONS has set is to develop Multimedia productions and internet content for educational purposes. In this respect it is a challenge for EDUCONS to produce educational content for the English and Spanish courses given in schools. Supporting language education and training with multimedia teaching tools, might prove to be a crucial way of supporting the improvement of language education in Suriname. This will ultimately promote successful integration of our Dutch speaking nation in the Caribbean and South America.

Deirdre Williams, <>
Cultural diversity and Caribbean information society: Regional integration
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Regional integration for the Caribbean is an area in which information and communication technology (ICT) can potentially make a major contribution. This paper will address one possibility, the potential of ICT to fulfill the process (recognized by some social anthropologists) of ritual healing by metaphor, and thereby to create a bridging mechanism for the cultural and linguistic divide which is the Caribbean and counteract the negative effects of that divide.