Sponsored by:

Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie

Pietro Sicuro
Project manager

Danielle Bouhajeb
Project officer

Design and Implementation:

Member of REDISTIC
Foundation Networks and Development (FUNREDES)

Daniel Pimienta
General Coordination and Lecturer
Dominican Republic

Margarita Jimenez

Organisation support
Dominican Republic

Ramón Rodríguez
Web Site
Dominican Republic

Organisation commitee:

Co-ordination team:
Responsible: Daniel Pimienta
Support: Margarita Jiménez, Cristina Nogues + whole team
Web interface: Álvaro Blanco
Technical interface: Álvaro Blanco

Methodology team:
Responsible/interface: Daniel Pimienta
Support: Cristina Nogues, Margarita Jiménez + whole team

Logistics team (participants + meeting)
Responsible: Margarita Jiménez
Interface participants/hotel: Margarita Jiménez
Interface facilitation: Nicolás Cahen
Support: Nehemiah Souverain , Álvaro Blanco

Facilitation team:
Responsible : Cristina Nogues
Support: Nicolás Cahen, Esteban Domínguez, Daniel Prado, Álvaro Blanco
Language interface: Nicolás Cahen
Group facilitators: Nicolás Cahen, Yacine Khelladi, Daniel Prado, Carine Malfait, Claude Maingé

Web team
Responsible: Ramón Rodríguez
Support: Álvaro Blanco, Nicolás Cahen

Technical team
Responsible : Ramón Rodríguez
Support: Álvaro Blanco, Nicolás Cahen

Languages team –translation before and after
Responsible: Deirdre Williams/ Margarita Jiménez
Support: Professionals in DR and St. Lucia

Languages team – translation during the meeting
Responsible: Carine Malfait
Support: Interpreters Cardicis1, Daniel Prado, Esteban Domínguez, Nicolás Cahen

Systematicization team (to be defined)

Time management team (to be defined)

CARISNET project: Yacine, Valerie y Vidya.

With the support of:

Unión Latina

Daniel Prado
Linguistic issues


Cristina Nogues
Workshop Facilitator
Costa Rica