The general mission of the second phase of the CARDICIS project is "to follow up, to make concrete and to extend the first efforts to the people of civil society with a key role in the field of ICT4D, as well as to those of particularly relevant international organisations"

The second phase plans 4 actions :

  1. The participation of a group of persons from the community in a panel on the theme of CARDICIS as a part of the annual meeting of the Caribbean Studies Association in Santo Domingo, from 1st to 4th June 2005
    • Promote CARDICIS with other more academia groups.
    • Maintain the interest of the community.
    • Establish contacts with the Diaspora.
  2. The evaluation of the impacts of the CARDICIS meeting , and identification of expectations for the next meeting
    • To identify the first impacts to guide the subsequent actions.
    • To capitalise on the actions already undertaken and to establish feedback for a more successful follow-up.
    • To give input for the second meeting.
  3. The support of multi-lingualism in CIVIC through the CARISNET Project (http://carisnet.org).
    • To assist CARISNET in the balance of the linguistic components of CIVIC
    • To strengthen cooperation with ICA, over the financing of CARISNET and the promotion of CIVIC.
    • To mark the presence of the Francofonie as an actor in the promotion of cultural diversity in the Caribbean.
  4. Accomplishment of the second CARDICIS meeting.