To bring together the key actors in civil society in the Caribbean who specialise in ICT4D, as well as relevant international organisations, to consider the importance of the factor of "cutural and linguistic diversity" to the planning of regional solutions for an integrated Caribbean vision. Together, to establish strategies for the approach to this question, and to document the common positions.

Given the difficulties observed in the projects of progress of giving real consideration to linguistic and cultural diversity, the whole meeting is conceived as a workshop with the aim of developing a sensibility among the participants, both from civil society and from the regional and international organisations, to the issue of respect to linguistic diversity and its importance in the context of ICT4D and the process of regional integration. This workshop is planned as a brainstorming session to generate shared ideas with a view to creating conditions for learning, rather than as a series of lectures to fix a position from the top down.

The strategy is also to concentrate the learning effort in a limited sample (of about 40 people) and to balance the players in ICT4D from civil society in the region rather than undertake a larger meeting with multistakeholder involvement. The selection criteria will take into account and attempt to balance gender, the different language zones, the small islands and the non-island areas, and the civil society organisations.